Rebecca's Raunchy Retreat - Week 1 is out!

The long-time coming Rebecca's Raunchy Retreat is here!

Not so long ago timid and shy, now confident Rebecca gets the challenging and exciting task of setting up and running her own love hotel. With some pointers from Clara, Bex sets out to turn her new business into a proper house of sexual indulgence full of sexy girls and taboo pleasure!

Help Bex run her own brothel, hire girls, entertain clients, keep Clara happy, and deal with the drama and pitfalls of a whorehouse full of naughty girls!

It's up to you whether this new venture is a success and what exactly awaits the girls working there!

This is just a start for Rebecca's, you will be able to hire more girls and have more options on how the business and relationships develop! There's definitely more to come and we are excited to have more updates for you in the future!

You can find more information on the main page.

Please note that the current price is for early access to the game. Schedule:

  • Sep 13 - $12
  • Sep 17 - $10 - only for the first version as the purchase includes all future updates!

We are eager to hear what you think about our new main game whenever you play it and invite you to share your thoughts or suggestions on our Discord server! :)

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Sep 11, 2022
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Sep 11, 2022

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Can you confirm the upfront  price we must pay to receive all future updates?  I paid for Clara’s Love Hotel and received those updates. Is Rebecca’s Retreat considered a different game?

Yes, Rebecca's is a separate game, it's a sequel to Clara's Love Hotel. And you will receive all future updates when you purchase it.

The price doesn't exactly matter as you receive game ownership on the purchase and that includes updates. So, you can buy it now for $12 or wait until it's $10 on 17th.
There will be a bump in price in the future, it's currently on sale for the initial release.


thanks. I’ll plan on checking it out tonight.